About Us

Online shopping has become the new normal. Businesses and individual consumers worldwide have profoundly embraced this form of e-commerce as a means of obtaining a diverse selection of premium-quality goods at incredibly low prices. However, what happens when a customer decides to purchase a variety of merchandise from geographically-dispersed suppliers? Problems, such as the exorbitant costs of shipping loose parcels overseas as well as losses from cases of postal fraud or forwarding scams, commonly arise.

SLINGSHOT BAGWELL SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS was established to completely eliminate all potential impediments to a seamless online shopping experience. Founded in North Texas and now headquartered in California, we are the only legitimate provider of freight consolidation services in the United States. We give international customers the convenience of shopping on countless USA retailers’ websites with our local shipping address. We combine all orders in one box, which will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep overseas at the most economical cost.

At Slingshot Bagwell Supply Chain Solutions, we take most pride in being customer-centric. We streamlined our operations in order to ensure our international customers have unlimited access to millions of products sold in the United States. We administer personalized services specifically tailored to each one’s needs and preferences. We guarantee end-to-end customer support.


PATRICIA TUGADE, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD is a logistics expert whose import and export proficiencies and supply chain networks span multiple continents, namely Western Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia. A dedicated customer advocate and a successful lean practitioner, she upholds high standards of service through cost-effective and innovative shipping solutions.

Hailing from the Philippines, she moved to the United States in 2010 to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions. In addition to being at the helm of Slingshot Bagwell Supply Chain Solutions, she is also the co-owner of Primesource Trading, a renowned exporter of industrial refrigeration equipment to various multinational companies overseas.


We partnered with DHL for air-freight shipments and several accredited forwarders for sea-freight shipments so that our international customers can have the advantage of choosing a shipping method that suits their budget and timetable. 

We also partnered with PayPal, whose safety features and widespread acceptance give our international customers the confidence to make payments online.

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