Our 2nd package addresses recurrent problems faced by small business owners based outside of the United States. It is for those who would like to obtain raw materials, component parts and finished goods from various USA suppliers for consumption or resale overseas but are unable to do so, due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • USA supplier accepts only USA-issued credit cards with USA billing addresses.
  • USA supplier does not ship overseas.
  • Your item of choice is available only in USA stores and cannot be purchased online.


We do not accommodate orders for items that are prohibited by law for export, as well as items that require special licenses or permits from federal agencies. Examples include agricultural products, alcoholic beverages, animals and animal parts, currencies, defense articles and other ITAR-regulated items, dog and cat fur, drug paraphernalia, firearms, flammable and combustible liquids, and pornographic materials.


1) Send us your wish list with required quantities, specifications and supplier information. We will be your personal shopper in the United States.
2) We will consolidate all items in a compact box. This will effectively reduce the total dimensional weight and resulting shipping costs.
3) Select an international shipping method that meets your budget and timetable. We will present your options along with the corresponding costs and lead times.
4) We will email your invoice together with a unique link to the payment page. We will release your shipment immediately upon receiving payment.


– Total invoiced amount is charged in US Dollars. It includes personal shopper order total, personal shopper service fee, handling fee and international freight cost.

  • Personal shopper order total is broken-down into 3 major components:
    • Actual costs of items purchased
    • 9% sales tax on items purchased online and shipped to our California address
    • Domestic shipping costs for online purchases sent to our California address when applicable
  • Our personal shopper service fee is 6% of the personal shopper order total. For example, a customer whose total amounted to US$ 500.00 will be charged a US$ 30.00 service fee.
  • Our handling fee is based on the shipment’s actual weight in kilograms. Rates start at US$ 10.00 for the first 5 kilograms. Afterwards, an additional US$ 10.00 fee applies to each succeeding increment of 4.99 kilograms. For example, a customer whose shipment weighs a total of 18.50 kilograms (40.80 pounds) will be charged a handling fee of US$ 40.00.

0.01 to 5.00 kilograms – US$ 10.00
5.01 to 10.00 kilograms – US$ 20.00
10.01 to 15.00 kilograms – US$ 30.00
15.01 to 20.00 kilograms – US$ 40.00
20.01 to 25.00 kilograms – US$ 50.00
25.01 to 30.00 kilograms – US$ 60.00
30.01 to 35.00 kilograms – US$ 70.00
35.01 to 40.00 kilograms – US$ 80.00
40.01 to 45.00 kilograms – US$ 90.00

  • International freight cost depends on the shipping method and final destination. We receive preferential rates for expedited shipping services from DHL Express.

– Optional: We offer freight insurance coverage for shipments with declared values of up to US$ 50,000.00. We also facilitate prepayments of import duties and taxes when applicable.


– You may simply transfer your payment to our PayPal business account.

– You may also conveniently pay us using any valid international credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

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